The Top 5 Ranked Crowdfunding Tools
Crowdfunding is crowdsourced money. It is an excellent way to calculate interest since people will only fund what they are seriously interested in.

However, not all crowdfunding platforms are equal. Each one specializes in a different purpose.

You can choose among the most popular crowdfunding platforms that help your business make successful.

Following are the top-ranked crowdfunding tools:

o   Kickstarter:

Probably the most wanted crowdfunding site on the Internet is Kickstarter, which raised a total of $220 million from 61,000 launched projects so far. Thousands explore its listed projects every second waiting to giveaway their money to the project they think is most deserving! According to the guidelines, Kickstarter accepts all significant kinds of creative projects but not for causes or awareness campaigns, charity or scholarships, and not for vacations or a new digital camera.

o   Indiegogo:

Indie is the short form of 'independence,' so from the name you already know that this crowdfunding site is meant to help you raise funds and make your campaign 'go-go-go' without any trouble. The site layout is similar to Kickstarter, so it is easy to adjust to if you have tried Kickstarter than you can quickly kick-start any project including donations for charity. Its "Backer Rewards" feature is known as "Perks".


You are looking for the pocket-friendly promoting website than this one is for you. Gadgetany.comaimed is to bring more funds and bring more backers. If you choose their $299 plan in this plan, they will provide you 25,000 Backers, and if you want more backers than there is another great plan for you $499 in this plan, they will offer you 70,000 backers and more than that. They accept all type of creative products. To know more you can visit

o   GoFundMe:

If you are looking to raise money online, for a cause, or yourself even, GoFundMe is the good fundraising option you can use. In here, you can get backers to donate for your campaign, and it could be everything from a  traveling fee to your pet’s medication fee. It is genuinely about donation.

o   Crowdfunder:

If you have gone through all the crowdfunding platforms but still want to land or venture capitalist, you can quickly get their eye on Crowdfunder. Just like a usual venture capital plan, you can exchange equity and debt in your business to raise funds and bring supporters and VCs to your company at the same time. I saw projects that needed $1 to $2 million in funding but was reaching five times that amount.

Figure out your prime goal and start your research. Find a great platform that will suit you and your business motives, and then go all in. Do not split up your forces between platforms, because that will only mislead people. Focus on the one platform that helps you to raise your funds