Use essential oils to help fight depression

Depression is a real ailment and it should never be ignored or laughed it. One must never scoff at depression and one should never be ashamed of depression. Depression can happen because of several types of hormonal imbalances, it can happen because of an inappropriate diet, chemical exposure, side effects from drugs and several other reasons. Essential oils can help you to fight with depression and in this article you will be learning more about this.

Types of depression

There are several different types of depression like seasonal depression, panic disorder, postpartum depression, traumatic depression, anxiety, and so on. If you want to be completely free from depression then you would have to check with the diet that you are following and your overall health. 

Essential oils can be quite useful in helping remove depression. A little dose of it can make a person feel quite better. There are various studies which had been conducted to check this and all of them have concurred that essential oils help to alleviate mental stress and tension because it has a calming sensation on the body. This affects the mind also which results in a more level headed perspective on things. Hence, depression is kept at bay by using essential oils.


Aromatherapy is basically the use of these essential oils in a way that it can create an amazing effect on the way your emotional outlook is. It is quite commonly known that scents can affect people on an emotional level. For instance, people use perfumes and deodorants in order to appear more attractive. Memories are also associated with different types of smells. Even a little baby starts identifying its mother through the senses of smell even before it learns to understand the concept of a mother. 

By spreading the scent of an essential oil within the room will have a huge impact on one’s mood; in a lot of cases this impact will be instantaneous. Hence, the type of smell and the amount of concentration of the oil can be used to change emotions, feelings, and various other forms of urges.

Some of the most popular types of essential oils which are commonly used for relieving depression are:
Basil – very good to cure high levels of depression


Blossom blend

Brain Gem blend


Chamomile, Roman

Clary Sage





Juniper Berry


Loving Care blend

Marjoram – helps to cure depression rising from grief and sadness


Peppermint – very helpful for insomniacs also
Quiet Scent blend – good for people who are poor sleepers



Rosemary – helps in relieving anxiety

Essential oils are easy to find in the market. They can be a bit expensive because the process of creating them involves intensive care and labour. But you can also buy them online where the prices will be comparatively lower than the retail stores. You should search for Mace Essential Oil and Chinese Cedar wood Essential Oil in order to learn more about essential oils.
Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helping everyone.